4 Bedroom House, East Peckham, Kent - Vacant Home Staging

4 Bedroom House, Kent - Vacant Home Staging by Alx Gunn Interiors.

After many months on the market with no sensible offers, the USA based homeowners, appointed Alx Gunn Interiors to manage the staging of their vacant UK property, prior to re-listing.

Following a visit to the property, Alx Gunn Interiors advised on two important changes prior to staging and re-listing:

1. As the property had been vacant over the autumn and winter months, the central heating needed to be switched back on (timed) as it was uncomfortably cold and was preventing potential buyers (not wearing Arctic gear) from staying more than a few minutes inside the property, so were not only missing out on the true "cosy" charming character of the property, but more importantly a cold vacant property will always attract lower offers.

2. Also, having been rented out previously, the carpets in all the bedrooms were marked and stained and needed replacing.

Q: Why replace the carpets, can't the new owners do this?

A: Yes they can, but in general most don't know how much it actually costs to replace carpets, so buyers take huge chunks off the asking price, where in reality it costs a fraction of what they think it does.

Replacing damaged carpets/flooring (as long as they are neutral and in keeping with the property) is a great upfront investment, it freshens up a space, adds salability and gives buyers no haggle room.

Alx Gunn Interiors arranged for the carpets to be replaced, supplied all furniture and furnishing and staged every room in the property.

Staged on 28th February 2019, SOLD by 8th March 2019!