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De-clutteringAllowing buyers to visualise how the property will look with their possessions in it. 

Cleaning: Buyers look everywhere, so it's important to make every corner of your home squeaky clean. 

Window cleaning: Clean windows allow more natural light into a room and brighten up a space. 

Home dressing & staging: Interior styling makes a home appeal to the highest number of potential buyers. 

Painting & decorating: A fresh coat of paint and neutral decor adds to saleability. 

Furniture removal and disposal: Decluttering excess furniture prior to staging.

Rental furniture & furnishings: Renting is a great way to update a space, from sofas and lamps to artwork. 

Replenishment furniture & furnishings: Replacing old with new makes a great first impression.

Replacement carpets & flooring: Replacing dated and worn flooring is well worth the investment.

Minor carpentry & building work: Don't let potential buyers be distracted by broken fixtures and fittings.

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Homeowner DIY Home Staging - Option 1 & Option 2

4 Bedroom Farmhouse, West Sussex.


A beautiful five hundred year old 'Listed' Sussex farmhouse, that had been on the market for almost 2 years. 

The structure of the building was full of character and charm, however the rooms felt empty and lacked decorative objects, soft furnishings & secondary furniture, prompting buyers to ask if anyone lived there. 

This project included room-by-room mood boards, a list of items required per room with links to sale, recommendations regarding all room re-configurations, re-decoration (including finishing the traditional lime plasterwork in several of the rooms) and general maintenance required. 

Deliverables also included a comprehensive list of “must do’s” for both the Homeowner and Estate Agent when staging the property and conducting viewings.

Alx Gunn Interiors was also appointed to carry out the on-site interior staging and interior and exterior photography. (OPTION 2)

SOLD - After almost two years on the market. Full asking price offer less than 1 week after home staging by Alx Gunn Interiors.

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What our customers are saying

“I would thoroughly recommend Alx's home staging service. She made the whole process a pleasure and, having had our house on the market for nearly 2 years, we received 2 purchase offers within 2 days of the staging being complete. I wouldn't hesitate to enlist the services of Alx the next time I want to sell a house.”  Homeowner: Claire.S

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Home staging - Option 3 - PROJECT MANAGEMENT

3 Bed Coastal House, East Sussex.


Alx Gunn Interiors was appointed by family members to prepare this probate property for sale, with the key objective being to re-fresh the entire house as the previous owner was a heavy smoker. 

Once visiting the property, a detailed schedule of work was created and agreed, including a breakdown of each job per room. 

The process began with a deep chemical clean of all rooms. Carpets and soft furnishings cleaned, or replaced in the most affected rooms. The repair of badly damaged woodwork on all doors and frames due to mobility aids. Painting & decorating of several rooms, including updating the kitchen cupboard units. Final staging for sale. 

With ten rooms to stage in total, the whole job took just under 3 weeks to complete.

SOLD - Offer accepted after Home Staging by Alx Gunn Interiors. 

See below for BEFORE & AFTER pictures

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What our customers are saying

"AMAZING! You've done a fabulous job. Thank you very much. You have exceeded my expectations wonderfully." 

Homeowner: Mark W.

Client: Mark W. 

Ian Bradley, Bradleys Estate Agents, East Sussex

“ I just wanted to put on record how impressed I was with your makeover and staging. When I first visited the property to carry out a valuation, the property looked tired and quite dated but after your input with your decorating and interior design knowledge you transformed the look and appeal of the home and created a very desirable looking interior, which I have no doubt helped with a quick sale and a higher figure than if it had been left alone.. I will not hesitate in recommending you to future clients and hope to work together in the future.”

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"Figures from Rightmove show that a staged home will sell for 8% more than a non-staged one. 

On an average UK property worth £220,094, that’s an extra £17,607." (

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