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Alx Gunn Interiors Featured Article - 8 Clever Staging tips to help you sell your home.

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Home Staging Tips by Alx Gunn Interiors

Tip 1: Before you decide to list, remember that your number one goal is NOT to give potential buyers any reason to haggle down the listing price.

Tip 2: If your property is already for sale, but has been languishing on the market for quite some time, it's important not to let your agent persuade you into knocking thousands off the asking price. Dropping the price rarely makes a sale move any faster and results in buyers loosing confidence in the properties real value, so any offers that come in after a price drop, will nearly always be a further reduced offer.

Tip 3: It's never too late to ask advice from a local home stager. Many stagers offer fixed fee Walk & Talk Consultations. Presentation & Staging advise could potentially save your thousands, even tens of thousands when compared to price reductions!

Tip 4: You may have been living in your home for many happy years, but when you're selling, you need to step back, take a deep breath and start looking at it with fresh eyes – potential buyers eyes!

Tip 5: Grab a pen and notepad and walk around each space, make a note of all potential snagging points and areas of potential improvement.

Tip 6: Remember most new homeowners will want to move in right away, so the idea of them having to professionally clean or replace flooring, repair broken or faulty fixtures & fittings, paint and decorate grubby or damaged paint or woodwork is going to be off-putting to many, and will simply be reflected in a much lower offer.

Tip 7: Potential buyers accidentally make massively inflated valuations based on what they believe certain repair and replenishment works will cost, so by getting these jobs done in advance, you will not only make the property more saleable, but it gives buyers less wriggle room when it comes to making an offer.

Tip 8: Make sure the bare bones of the property are in good decorative order, remedy overdue property maintenance issues and "quirky" personal touches, as these can easily end up being the deal breaker when a offer comes in.

Tip 9: Make your property stand out for all the right reasons. Houzz and Pinterest worthy pictures sell properties! Whether you own a city flat or a country manor, your property images are your number one marketing tool, so they need to be good and stand out from any competition!

Tip 10: Test to see what your property looks like in pictures. Grab a camera (or phone camera) take a picture (wide-angled landscape) from each corner of each room, and take a long hard look at them, see what stands out. Ask yourself two simple questions when looking at each picture: Should I move it? Or Should I remove it? Do you need to replace the worn cushions on your sofa? Invest in new bed linen for viewing days? Add a few potted plants to liven the space? De-clutter surfaces? Invest in storage boxes for the children's toys? Box up and store paperwork from the study? Re-paint grubby walls? Every property is different, but looking at your property through a picture will help you refine your spaces and create the attention grabbing images you're looking for.

Tip 11: If you are planning to selling a vacant property, staging makes a huge difference. It allows buyers to be able to visualise the space and if done well, can transform an empty shell into and an aspirational home.